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Salesforce Administrator Tutorial

Salesforce Administrator Tutorial, you’ll be able to find out about salesforce basics, building Salesforce interface, developing Salesforce knowledge model, Implementing Salesforce business logic, Managing User, Securing and Sharing Salesforce knowledge, Workflows, and Approvals, Reports, Dashboards

Learn Salesforce admin basics

  • What is Salesforce.com
  • Overview of ERP and CRM.
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Why Salesforce CRM is #1 on Demand.
  • Setting UP Chatter in Salesforce.com.
  • What is login Salesforce
  • Different Salesforce Editions
  • Setting up a lifetime access practice Developer Org
  • Personal Setup and Company Setup in Salesforce.com
Learn Salesforce – Building Salesforce Data Model
  • Understanding Salesforce.com application.
  • How to create an App in SFDC?
  • How to create a custom object in SFDC
  • How to create TABS in Salesforce.com?
  • Creating fields using different field types in Salesforce.com.
  • Setting up and installing the Salesforce1 app in Mobile.
  • Overview on Salesforce Object Relationships
  • How to create Master-Detail relationship in SFDC?
  • Cannot create a Master-Detail Relationship?
  • How to create a Lookup relationship in salesforce.com?
  • How to create Many to Many Relationship in Salesforce?
  • What is Schema Builder.
Salesforce  Business Logics
  • What is a Formula Field?
  • What are Cross Object Formulas?
  • What are the Validation Rules?
  • Roll up Summary Fields.
  • Field Dependencies.
Salesforce page types & page layouts
  • Page Types and Page Elements
  • What are page Layouts?
  • Home page layouts and components.
  • Why Documents are used in Salesforce?
  • List Views
Customising Salesforce standard application

How to Customise Standard Salesforce application

Salesforce Security Model
  • Overview on Salesforce security Model.
  • How to create New Users in SFDC?
  • What is SAML?
  • Public groups in Salesforce
  • Role Hierarchies in Salesforce.com.
  • How to create and manage Profiles.
  • What is the Field Level Security?
  • How to use Permission Sets?
  • Control Record visibility using Organisation wide Defaults.
  • Control Record visibility using Role Hierarchy.
  • Control Record visibility using Sharing Rules.
  • What are Record Types and how can we configure.
  • What are Page Types and page Elements.
Data Loader
  • Setting up Search layouts.
  • Different Data Management Tools.
  • What is the Data Import wizard?
  • How to Import/Update/Upsert data using Data Import Wizard.
  • How to install Apex Data Loader in macOS and Windows
  • How to Insert a record using Apex Data Loader.
  • How to Update and Insert records Apex Data Loader.
  • How to Delete and Export records Apex Data Loader.
Salesforce administrator: Salesforce.com Audit.
  • Field History Tracking.
  • Setup Audit Trail.
Salesforce Admin Tutorials : Salesforce Automation
  • Different Email Templates in Salesforce.
  • How to Create Workflow rules with Rule Criteria.
  • Configuring Immediate and Time dependent Workflow rule actions.
  • Configuring Approval Process.
  • Assignment rules for Leads and Cases.
Salesforce Reports and Dashboards – SFDC admin tutorials
  • How to convert business requirements to Reports and Dashboards.
  • How to use report builder?
  • How to create Tabular reports?
  • How to create Summary reports?
  • How to create matrix reports?
  • How to create Joined Reports.
  • How to create custom report types?
  • How to schedule reports?
  • Salesforce Dashboard tutorial.
  • Scheduling Dashboard Refresh.
Salesforce administrator Tutorials : Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Overview on Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • How to create a service cloud console.
  • Configuring Agent console in Salesforce.
Salesforce admin Tutorials : Portal and Sites
  • Developing Force.com Sites.
  • How to enable and use Customer Portal.
  • How to enable and use Partner Portal.
  • Integrate Salesforce with websites.
  • How to create Web to Lead forms in Salesforce.
  • How to create Web to Case forms in Salesforce?
Salesforce AppExchange Apps – Popular Apps
  • What is Salesforce AppExchange?
  • How to Install and Uninstall an AppExchange App.
  • AppExchange App – FieldTrip.
  • AppExchange App – Metadata Search.
Salesforce Sandbox – Migration tools and Deployment
  • Different Sandboxes and Sandbox Environment Types.
  • How to create Sandbox in Salesforce?
  • How to create a Sandbox template?
  • How to login Sandbox?
 Key SFDC Admin Tools and Tasks
  • Configure State and Country Picklists Tool.
  • Force.com CLI and Automated Metadata Export.

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