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Month: March 2020

Types of Insert queries in Codeigniter

In Codeigniter We have 8 types of queries. They are query, query bindings, insert_string, insert_batch, affected_rows, and insert query Basic Insert Query Syntax $this->db->query() Examples for Insert Query Program 1: Program 2: Query bindings Benefit of  Query bindings is that the values are  escaped automatically and this queries are safer Example: . . . Read more

Select Queries in CodeIgniter

we have 23 Select Queries in codeigniter Those are $this->db->query() $this->db->query() With Query Bindings $this->db->get() $this->db->get() Select The Fields $this->db->get() With Limit $this->db->get() With Offset,Limit $this->db->get() With select, from $this->db->get() With Where, Or_Where, Where_In, or_where_in, where_not_in $this->db->get_where() Query Result With result_array() $this->db->get() With Like, or_like, not_like, or_not_like $this->db->get() With group_by . . . Read more