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Types of Insert queries in Codeigniter

In Codeigniter We have 8 types of queries. They are query, query bindings, insert_string, insert_batch, affected_rows, and insert query Basic Insert Query Syntax $this->db->query() Examples for Insert Query Program 1: Program 2: Query bindings Benefit of  Query bindings is that the values are  escaped automatically and this queries are safer Example: . . . Read more

Select Queries in CodeIgniter

we have 23 Select Queries in codeigniter Those are $this->db->query() $this->db->query() With Query Bindings $this->db->get() $this->db->get() Select The Fields $this->db->get() With Limit $this->db->get() With Offset,Limit $this->db->get() With select, from $this->db->get() With Where, Or_Where, Where_In, or_where_in, where_not_in $this->db->get_where() Query Result With result_array() $this->db->get() With Like, or_like, not_like, or_not_like $this->db->get() With group_by . . . Read more

Learn Salesforce Apex Programming language in Easy Way

Salesforce Apex is the world’s Strongest typed programming language developed by Salesforce.com. In Salesforce , Apex is an object oriented language similar to C# and Java It allows to implement complex business requirements and transactions on the force.com platform. Salesforce Apex is Mainly designed For large amounts of data to add business logic to applications . . . Read more

Salesforce Administrator Tutorial

Salesforce Administrator Tutorial, you’ll be able to find out about salesforce basics, building Salesforce interface, developing Salesforce knowledge model, Implementing Salesforce business logic, Managing User, Securing and Sharing Salesforce knowledge, Workflows, and Approvals, Reports, Dashboards Learn Salesforce admin basics What is Salesforce.com Overview of ERP and CRM. What is Cloud . . . Read more